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Current issues on contributing to the WikiVinaya

Origin or Status of a rule (or comment)

Although rules with different origins can all be included on WikiVinaya, it should at all times be clear what the 'status' of a certain practice, rule or comment is:

  1. Is it Buddha-Vinaya (contained in the Vinaya Pitaka)?
  2. Is it one of a number of variant interpretations of a passage or rule in the Vinaya Pitaka?
  3. Is it a commentarial comment on the Vinaya, written down (many) centuries after the passing away of the Buddha?
  4. Or is it a current practice, of which it maybe cannot be said that it has a basis in any rule contained in the scripture of the Tipitaka?

Maybe people can put forth ideas or suggestions to achieve this on the following page: WikiVinaya:Distinguishing_origins_of_rules

Standardizing the Structure

If at any time articles on the Vinaya-rules do come into being on WikiVinaya, it would be good to have a kind of format for these articles; their structure, things that should be or should not be included in them, etcetera. These standards should not be overly limiting, but should also give good guidelines for creating articles which avoid certain 'pitfalls' and are high in clarity and quality, and give some commonality to the different articles on the various rules.

Please add your comments here: WikiVinaya:Standardizing the Structure.

To Do

Various notices

Opening an account

The WikiVinaya can be read and consulted by anybody, but if you want to contribute to WikiVinaya, and edit or add articles or pages, you need an account. More information on how to get an account on WikiVinaya can be found here.


The WikiVinaya is hosted on, which uses the same 'engine' as the Wikipedia. This is nice for when you have some experience on Wikipedia already. You can find the help section here.

This site can now contain up to 5 MB of upload-content (images etcetera I think, I suspect text is 'unlimited' content). This 5 MB limit can be relatively easily changed to 25 MB by making some links from other websites to, and reporting those links to More than 25 MB costs money... So please be aware of this when uploading images.

More info on this: *To increase the amount of space you have for uploads, add links to from external sites, and go to the Link Quota Page to increase your uploads quota.

Pali and translations

The WikiVinaya is aimed at the Vinaya of the Pali Canon (or Tipitaka), so sometimes some quotations in the Pali language will need to be included, but please be sure to accompany those by an accurate English translation.

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